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Chris Black Defends 'Enterprise' Vulcans

By Caillan
April 1, 2003 - 11:36 AM

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Enterprise co-executive producer Chris Black recently responded to criticism that the show's portrayal of the Vulcan race is out of step with previous Trek incarnations.

"We took a lot of heat on 'The Andorian Incident' that the Vulcans flat-out lied — they flat-out lied — that they have this spy station there," Black told the Star Trek Communicator. "There's no two ways about it. But it's very logical for them to do so — they have an ongoing, potentially volatile border dispute with a very hostile, unpredictable race, and they need to keep tabs on them."

The writer said their devotion to logical and rational thought doesn't mean the Vulcans are opposed to taking action to defend themselves. "I certainly don't think we want to portray the Vulcans as being warlike — I don't think they make war. But I don't necessarily think they're conscientious objectors either; I mean, Spock never hesitated to use his phaser when the situation called for it. Certainly the Vulcans have a security service, they have a high command with a fleet of starships, and they apply that power judiciously and logically in their own self-interest when they need to."

Enterprise hasn't painted all Vulcans with the same brush, according to Black, who cited "Fallen Hero" as an example of a different take on the race, as embodied in the character of V'Lar. "You see a character who's noble, who is self-sacrificing, who — when confronted by Archer — tells him the truth because he deserves to know," he said.

"Broken Bow" clearly established why Archer has a bone to pick with the aliens, but "Fallen Hero" produced a change in the NX-01 commander. "He's always been very wary of them, and felt that his father wasn't allowed to see his dream realised because the Vulcans had been withholding information from him," Black said. "And then to meet a character like V'Lar... now,he's learning that T'Pol isn't the exception — that there are many Vulcans who are honest and noble, loyal and helpful."

The complete interview can be found in issue 143 of the Star Trek Communicator. Thanks to 'Cyrus' for this!

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