Deep Space Nine & TOS to Return!

By Amy
April 1, 2001 - 11:55 PM

Good news out there for all you dreaming of seeing a Deep Space Nine movie.'s Star Trek Central has managed to obtain exclusive new information - including a script segment - for the proposed movie, which will see the Deep Space Nine crew take over the franchise from TNG. However - while the DS9 crew will remain more or less the same, the cast will change in an effort to spice up the franchise. The new leading man? Samuel L. Jackson.

When asked to comment on this change, Rick Berman said that while "Deep Space Nine will be appealing to the general public […] we need a face and personality that the audience can identify with. Deep Space Nine wasn`t succesful to The Next Generation`s level, so less of the viewing audience know this crew. We hope to liven up Sisko," he continues. "His time with the Prophets may have changed him in ways we don`t know yet."

Meanwhile, Psi Phi's Book Database has posted the twelfth character profile in the DS9 Relaunch, Morn. "Morn's story," to quote one of the profile comments, "isn't over by a long shot." Among the news for the character is that we'll be seeing Ezri following up on Jadzia's attraction to the character. We can also look forward to "The Morn Chronicles", which will feature short stories by several popular and new Star Trek authors and will show important points in Morn's life.

Back to tv format: After around 32 years since final production wrapped, a new episode of the Original Series is set to be released. According to scif dimensions, the lost 79th episode is entitled 'Outpost' and was written by Thomas Butterfield, who died away in 1987.

Plot details on the episode are as yet unknown, but it has been revealed at a tightly-controlled press conference that the studio plans to create a standard 51-minute episode out of the 18 minutes of lost footage by using digital wizardry, splices of stock footage, and the voice talents of the surviving cast members. In a surprising twist, was announced that actor Jim Carrey, Actor Jim Carrey, best known for blockbuster comedies like 'Dumb and Dumber', 'Ace Ventura' and last year's 'The Grinch', will be standing in as the voice of Dr. 'Bones' McCoy after DeForrest Kelly passed away in 1999.

UPN intends to screen the new episodes at 9PM EST, October 12, 2001, so have your VCR's ready!

Moving along to another Sci-Fi fandom, Star Wars fans will no doubt be delighted to hear that George Lucas has back-pedalled on his previous decision not to continued the Star Wars saga after the upcoming prequels - Episode III is currently set for 2005.

"I decided that I really loved the Star Wars series and I didn't want to see it end," Lucas said. "I mean, beyond Indiana Jones, most of my other movies have really sucked. Look at Radioland Murders. Howard the Duck. I can't afford more flops. Star Wars is a sure thing."

Returning closer to home, the TrekBBS appears to have been hacked into today by someone known only as The Swedish Chef, who defaced a number of images and forums. Under his - or her - reign of terror, the BBS temporarily became the TrekBBB - the Trek Bork Bork Bork! Suspicion for this act currently rests on one of the board's administrators and the author of this article. When asked for comment, she said "I'd like to take this opportunity to deny everything. I was framed, I tell you! Framed!"

The changes this year were thankfully rather more subtle than the last attempt in October for Halloween, which saw the board re-decorated in a particularly garish orange and black colour scheme.

Well, that's it for the dreaded - or anticipated - April Fools silliness. Every news above is a hoax. So, were you taken in?

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