Mulgrew Talks Need For Secrecy

By Amy
April 1, 2001 - 9:52 PM

The Windows Media Guide has posted an interview with Voyager's leading lady, Kate Mulgrew (Janeway), courtesy of

Filmed before shooting on the final episode, which actually wraps in the very near future, Mulgrew starts off the interview by commenting that "it's probably a good thing for a number of reasons that we don't know" what would be happening in the season finale. "I think if we understood how we were going to finish this series," she continues, "we might anticipate the ending and not say it with the element of surprise and emotional unpredictability that it will deserve"

Now that the captain has had her meaningful romance this season, what does Mulgrew feel that the writers missed exploring throughout the series? The actress pauses for a moment to think it over. "I think I wanted to see her get badly tortured or something," she admits. "I wanted to see her make some sort of fantastic human sacrifice - which you could argue she did - but in a sort of visceral, physical sense."

"Amusing?" the actress snorts when asked to pick her most amusing moment on the set. "I couldn't possibly pick - I couldn't possibly single one moment out. You know who I work with - they're all lunatics. They make me laugh all the time. Any time I'm on the bridge with those boys it's real trouble. And I am an active target for their lunacy. They know that once I get started, I start to laugh, and then I start to cry, and then you know what happens, and it's very embarrassing. So they've had a field day for seven years."

Then what about her most bizarre encounter, specifically with the enormous Trek fan base? "The strangest thing that I can remember is being asked to marry a couple who really believed that I was endowed with that official capacity," she chuckles, "and I had to assure them I was not but I gave them my blessing nonetheless."

The full interview, which is 2 minutes and 14 seconds in length, is currently available in three different streaming sizes at the Windows Media Guide. It does not yet appear to be online at

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