Excelsior No More

By Amy
April 1, 2001 - 4:42 AM

Though Creation's parent company, Fandom.com, may be in financial strife, this weekend's Grand Slam Convention is carrying regardless. The first report and photos from this event are now online, thanks to Smilin' Jack Ruby.

One of the first events up was, of course, the Excelsior campaign press conference, attending by Sulu himself, George Takei. Those who attended the conference got something unexpected: the announcement of the end of 'Excelsior'. Officials from the campaign officialy acknowledged that it had not achieved it's main goal - to get Sulu back in the captain's chair for a mini-series or fully-fledged Star Trek tv show. Takei, bearing the news with good grace, apparently then took to the stage to thank fans for their support despite the bad outcome.

Later in the day, after appearances by James Doohan (Scotty), who didn't appear well at the time, and his 1 year old daughter, TNG and DS9 actor Michael Dorn took his turn at the microphone. He started off by reciting a few fan favourites for the crowd, before going on to talk some about the next movie. No spoilers, but he did mention that the cast had recently reunited to have a party for Trek X scriptwriter John Logan. Dorn says that his one piece of advice to the Gladiator script writer was "to stem any impulses that began with, 'wouldn`t it be cute if Worf did this?'".

More from day one of the convention, plus a number of photos, can be found by following this link.

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