LA Times On Trek's Future

By Christian
April 1, 2000 - 11:42 PM

Brian Lowry, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, has written a very in-depth article about the future of the Star Trek franchise, after 'Voyager' ends its run in 2001. In the article, Lowry presents several of the usual options, including the 'Excelsior' series and a break for Star Trek, plus the comments of several important people connected to the Trek franchise. In the article, Rick Berman again says the usual things about Series V having to be different:

"I believe very strongly, after three series that have produced 500 episodes over the last 13 years, a new series now needs to be dramatically different, not only for the audience, but for us," Berman said, referring to the writers.

"I see nothing right now to suggest the franchise needs to just go away for a period of time, but that doesn't mean I don't feel the need to be cautious about overextending or overexposing it. . . . It's time either to take a break or do something completely different, and in keeping with Monty Python's philosophy, we're going for something completely different."

The full article features comments from people such as Mark A. Altman, the director of 'Free Enterprise', and David McDonnell, editor of Starlog magazine. It also mentions a very interesting statistic, namely that Star Trek has taken in $3.5 billion in merchandising alone - nearly half of that in just the last 5 years. Thanks go out to Rob Goodman for this!

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