Higher Klingon Academy Resolutions

By Christian
April 1, 2000 - 10:30 PM

Over at Interplay's official Klingon Academy site, producer Raphael Hernandez just posted a rather major announcement - contrary to what was previously stated, the game will actually be supporting high screen resolutions.

Previously, the team always thought this to be impossible, as the game's original display module was inherited from 'Starfleet Academy', and unfortunately the source code to the module was lost, meaning parts of the module couldn't simply be changed - that would mean a complete rewrite of the module. However, a solution was eventually found for this problem:

John Panettiere, our lead programmer, tried an idea that was risky, but ended up working beautifully. He found a means by which to force the higher resolutions despite what had previously been hard-wired. With further help from Robert Coultrip, our AI/physics programmer, they worked out a means by which to arbitrarily set the resolution for the game. Yet despite their ingenuity, we were still left with the challenges posed by adapting our many interface screens to these higher resolutions, and the initial rush of John's achievement was a bit tempered by this cold fact.

This problem, too, was solved by Panetierre, as you can read in the full update. The result is that 'Klingon Academy' will now ship with full support for higher screen resolutions, which will also already be included in the upcoming multiplayer demo.

In order to celebrate this breakthrough, 8 new screenshots of the game have been released, showing the higher resolution. Thanks go out to Federation HQ for this!

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