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Designers Talk Upcoming Star Trek Games

By Michelle
March 1, 2006 - 10:19 PM

New articles on upcoming Star Trek games describe the visual development of Star Trek: Legacy and Star Trek Online, the upcoming console and MMORPG games currently in development.

Ian Davis , the creative director of Legacy for Mad Doc Software, spoke to Gaming Nexus about his role overseeing the core design and gameplay. "We understand the Star Trek audience; we know how invested they are," he said. "We know that for most of the fans this will be their biggest Star Trek fix in years, and at Mad Doc, we take our fans seriously."

Davis also spoke to Gamecloud, which has preliminary images, reiterating that the game would span the entire known Star Trek television universe. "Anytime you’re working with elements in a universe that fans have grown to know and love, you've got your work cut out for you. All I can say is that anyone, whether you're a hardcore Trekkie or not, is going to really dig what we’ve pulled together."

Players, he added, will begin in the captain's seat on famous Star Trek ships and can advance to become admirals. "Want to go in with phasers and photons blazing while screaming ancient Klingon battle cries or do you want to creep in with all the stealth and cunning you can muster? It’s totally up to you."

A study of the visual look development of games appears at GameSutra, looking at Star Trek Online as an example. "Keep the area small," the article recommended. "Choose the most important environments first."

The upcoming multiplayer role-playing game requires many different environments, each with a different appearance. "You don't have time to do everything. The number of graphics techniques available to PC games is increasing rapidly and differ widely in the effects they produce," noted the article. "We had to be sure we could meet expectations set by the television show...we had to make sure we could deliver it."

The article features reference shots as well.

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