Picardo To Appear In Silent Film

By Michelle
March 1, 2006 - 9:33 PM

Robert Picardo (The Doctor) will appear in a silent movie that explores the world of the deaf, which is being filmed in his hometown of Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Universal Signs, in which the actors communicate in sign language, will be captioned for the hearing. The cast includes Margot Kidder, Sabrina LloydLupe Ontiveros. Picardo will play a priest, having rearranged his shooting schedule on Stargate: Atlantis to fly to Philadelphia from Vancouver.

The film's official web site describes it as a drama "about the redemption of the human spirit through the vital connection between people." The film will be shot in black and white with "vibrant color dream sequences" to contrast different emotional states. The film will have music, and the web site explains that "ASL coupled with the score creates a mesmerizing dance for audience members."

By using ASL in place of speech, the filmmakers hope to allow the audience to experience firsthand "the Deaf world and culture" of the protagonist. "From ASL mistakes to common miscommunications, everyday life experiences of the Deaf are explored." All Deaf characters will be played by Deaf actors.

The original article is here.

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