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Anonymous Donors Pledge Millions To Save Enterprise

By Michelle
March 1, 2005 - 10:33 PM, the fan campaign to raise over $30 million to pay for a fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise, announced today that three anonymous contributors have pledged $3 million toward the effort to keep the series on the air.

In an announcement posted at, provided an excerpt from the benefactors' statement explaining why each of them was willing to offer a million dollars to save a series cancelled by its network, UPN. The three persons are involved in the commercial spaceflight industry and cited Star Trek as a reason:

We think Star Trek and especially its latest incarnation, Enterprise, is the kind of TV that should be aired more least one out of two of all the actual entrepreneurs involved in this industry has been inspired by Star Trek...the people airing this kind of TV have a responsibility; inspiration. Star Trek has inspired us...Enterprise needs to be renewed, for the sake of fan loyalty, for being quality TV, for bringing imagination and hope for a better future to our homes, but over all that, for inspiring us so strongly that we have fought all our adult lives to bring that future closer to our children and to us.
The press release mentioned Virgin Galactic's fleet of sub-orbital ships, the first of which will be named 'VSS Enterprise' after the Star Trek ships of the same name.

"If there are any Paramount execs who haven't woken up yet to the fact that Trek fans are amassing on the horizon, then this ought to make them think twice," TrekUnited Chief of Operations Chris Wales told the Trek Nation. "This generous and astonishing donation just goes to show how Trek is still very much a valued part of our society and has a place in it for years to come."

The original announcement can be read in its entirety here. Neither UPN nor Paramount TV, which produces Enterprise, has commented yet on whether the studio will renew the series even if $36 million in donations is pledged.

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