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Reviewers Indifferent To 'Canamar'

By Antony
March 1, 2003 - 8:53 PM

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The first set of reviews for Wednesday night's "Canamar" are online. No one seemed to hate it, but no one seemed to like it that much either. All in all, reviewers seemed rather indifferent.

  • Matt D. who rates the movie 'warp 4' in his review at felt his appreciation of Archer rose from this episode. " Archer is not my favorite Starfleet captain", he wrote. "He's not even my second favorite. He's rash, short-sighted, self-righteous, seemingly thick-headed — oh, and he gets beat up as much as I did in fourth grade. So I was very pleased tonight when [writer] John Shiban 'knocked some wits' into the cardboard captain. On the surface, Canamar does not pretend to be anything other than Con Air at Warp speed. But writer Shiban (who helped Fox Mulder flourish as such a wise-ass) writes Archer to be a quick thinker and ultimately a less reluctant captain." His full review can be found here.

  • ScoopMe's C.J. Carter felt the episode was "little better than warmed up leftovers" and disappointing. "I'm disappointed. I'm not disappointed in the writing, or the acting, or the special effects. Like last week's episode, 'Future Tense,' they were more than up to the task for a filler episode. Why I'm disappointed is with yet another waste of an opportunity." Carter's full review is available here.

  • Giving the episode an C rating, Paul S. Torrez at found the episode to be a "dull depature" from Enterprise. "Ship-based episodes are good, but series 5's breakaway episodes bother me," he wrote. "And in the end, they have little impact on the series as a whole and the characters as individuals or as a group. Certainly, next time we see a group of Klingons, the producers could refer back to 'Marauders', but will anyone really remember that episode? Will there even be a point in the series when 'Canamar' will be mentioned or have an impact on future storytelling? Only time will tell." The full review can be found here.

  • This is one of those episodes that isn't horrible, but isn't exactly great either," wrote Hawkeye at, who wasn't overly impressed with the episode. "Enterprise seems to have a lot of these, but this one at least was one of the better average episodes. The episode seemed very slow, though. It had some quicker scenes, but overall it wasn't that exciting. Trip's experience on the transport was definitely one of the high points of the episode. The hilarious exchanges between him and the annoyingly talkative alien to his right were great." Read more at this page, where Hawkeye gave the episode a final score of C+.

  • O. Deus at TrekWeb felt the strength of the episode came from "characters interactions and its dialogue", in particular he was impressed with the guest cast. "[The episode] offers better than average characterizations for the episode's characters," he wrote. "There's Kuroda, its chief villain, played by Mark Rolston, who turns in a memorable performance as a hard and ruthless criminal in a hard and ruthless world. Sean Whalen's Zoumas makes for an entertaining and irritating presence and even the token Nausicaan heavy has the occasional offbeat response that makes him seem more than just a token heavy. The result is to transform characters that would otherwise have been throwaway cardboard cutouts meant only to serve the interests of the plot into actual people." The full review can be found here.

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