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Bryan Fuller Talks Final Voyager Episodes

By Christian
March 1, 2001 - 11:27 PM

The interviews on Voyager's final set of episodes keep on coming, as Anna L. Kaplan at has put up a new interview with Bryan Fuller, in which the Voyager staff writer talks about the next tree Voyager episodes after 'Human Error', among other things. Take a look:

  • 'Q Two' is apparently a story that Voyager Executive Producer Kenneth Biller is very attached to, and its history explains why the 'Q Returns' rumours popped up so often over the past few years. "Ken Biller pitched that in season three after he wrote The Q and the Grey,'" said Fuller. "At the time, [executive producer] Jeri Taylor nixed it. Season four, Ken wanted to do it again, and then Brannon and Jeri said once again no. Then season five, Ken wanted to do it again, and Joe [Menosky] and Brannon said no. Season six, Ken wanted to do it again, and once again it was shot down. Now that Ken is running the show, it got to see the light of day."

  • Writer Brannon Braga was inspired for 'Author, Author' after Robert Picardo (the Holodoc) told him about the new Voyager book he's working on, 'The Hologram's Handbook' (story). This sparked Braga's imagination, and the result was an episode in which "Voyager establishes real-time communication with Starfleet, which allows much interaction, including the Doctor trying to sell his book idea."

  • Finally, 'Friendship One' will be the last episode written by Fuller, along with Michael Taylor. Here's how Fuller describes the episode: "Starfleet basically rings us up and says, ‘When we first developed warp technology, we sent out several warp-capable probes to say hello to everybody out there. One was sent toward the Delta Quadrant. You are approaching its last known coordinates, so why don’t you check it out and see if you can find it.’"

In the full interview, Fuller also talks about some other episodes from the seventh season, including 'Flesh and Blood' and 'Workforce'. Interestingly, he mentions that 'Workforce' originally had a rather different story, featuring the return of the Kobali aliens from 'Ashes To Ashes'. Click here to find out all about that.

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