McNeill On Neelix's 'Destiny'

By Amy
March 1, 2001 - 4:44 PM

Just a week after talking with Robert Picardo (the Doctor), the gang at Cinescape recently asked three questions of fellow Voyager actor Robert Duncan McNeill who, of course, plays Tom Paris. Even though there may only be three questions, there’s a faint amount of information to sift through – about Tom’s relationship with B’Elanna her pregnancy, his short film ‘9mm of Love’ which may air on the Sci-Fi Channel and there’s even some talk about upcoming Voyager episode, ‘Destiny’.

"It's a story about Voyager meeting a group of Talaxians on the fringes of the Delta Quadrant," McNeill says of Destiny, describing it as a "bonding show" for Neelix. These Talaxians are apparently refugees in many ways and very resourceful – like Neelix himself, and have tried to establish something similar to their home planet on the asteroid. McNeill, as you might have guessed, gets on pretty well with his Talaxian co-star’s alter-ego, Ethan Phillips – well enough, at least, that Phillips acted in not only ‘9mm of Love’ but McNeill’s other short film.

To read the full set of three questions and how McNeill feels about the end of the show, Ethan Phillips and more, please follow this link to Cinescape.

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