Gaming Bullets

By Amy
March 1, 2001 - 2:07 PM

  • Activision and Raven Software announced yesterday that theyll be releasing a mission pack in for acclaimed first-person shooter, Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force in the spring of this year. The pack, set to contain 17 new multiplayer maps, will also allow players to explore, without restriction, all 15 of Voyagers decks, interact with the characters and even, if the mood strikes, initiate a self-destruct or eject the warp core. To find out more of the details of the pack, read the press release.

  • Keeping with the new Elite Force pack, Mike Gummelt has updated his .plan files with some more detailed information on whats to come primarily on the multiplayer side.

  • Also, GA Source has the first screenshots for the new pack.

  • Meanwhile, the Daily Radar has an interview with Kenn Hoekstra, Ravens Project Aadministrator on the pack.

  • has a somewhat belated review of Star Fleet Command II Empires at War. Giving it an overall score of 79, reviewer Darth Binky summed it up with "SFC2 is a fun game that unfortunately was released prematurely in order to suck in as much cash as possible over the Christmas holiday season."

  • And finally, Decipher has again updated its Trek CCG rulings page which contains official rules and current rulings for Star Trek CCG, including the most recently published cards

Thanks go out to Blue's News for some of these!

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