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By Amy
March 1, 2001 - 11:30 AM

Paris/Kim fan site P/K All The Way has once again posted a digitised version of the short UPN 9 News Voyager slot that aired last night after the concluding half of ‘Workforce’.

This week’s clip include footage from at least two new Voyager episodes – next week’s ‘Human Error’ and behind the scenes shots of later episode, ‘Author, Author’. Also, while there’s no specific cast interview this week, Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan supply some commentary, and Robert Beltran also makes a brief appearance.

For those of you without the bandwidth to spare or who are having trouble obtaining the clip, we’ve provided a detailed transcript below. The clip itself and the original transcript, in addition to a few screen caps, of it can be found here at P/K All the Way as a roughly 1MB real media file.

Announcer: Some explosive possibilities may be in the works as Star Trek: Voyager heads toward its dramatic finale. Among them: killing off the entire crew. Pat Collins has the latest on the Voyager guessing game.

Pat Collins: With three months to go, Voyager cast members are speculating at warp speed about the possible twists and turns the story line will take. Here's a sneak preview of one of those highly anticipated Voyager moments.

[Seven fussing with her hair in front of a mirror]
Chakotay: You look perfect.
[Seven turns to look at Chakotay who’s struggling with a bottle of wine.]
Chakotay: Can you give me a hand with this?

Pat Collins: So begins a sexual attraction between Seven and Chakotay. It's a holodeck fantasy created by Seven in an episode airing March 7.

[Seven approaches to help Chakotay with the wine. They exchange smiles]
[Rotating shot of Seven on the holodeck programming a console]
[Chakotay, in uniform, approaches Seven bearing a large dreamcatcher. He hands this to her]
[Seven accepts and smiles slightly – she’s in a blue Star Fleet uniform]
Seven: Then you accept?
Chakotay: It's a date.

Pat Collins: The episode also puts Seven's life in danger.

[Seven is lying unconscious on the floor, with the holo-chakotay kneeling beside her in the Holodeck]
[The Doctor glances at holo-Chakotay while approaching Seven, whom he then scans.]
[Jeri Ryan in casual dress talking to the camera]
Jeri Ryan: As we get closer to the end, I think Seven might become more of a tragic figure. I think that's a great direction to take her.

Pat Collins: The birth of Tom and B'Elanna's child is the most the guarded story line. Not even the TV parents know what's next.

[The Torres/Paris babyshower. Tom and B’Elanna (and what looks like most of the command staff) are sitting around a low table in the messhall while B’Elanna opens presents.]
[B’Elanna holds up the contents of one of the parcels]
Torres: Starfleet diapers.
Kim: Standard issue!
[Laughter. The Doctor examines some of the other presents and holds a bright yellow toy up for Janeway’s inspection]

Pat Collins: The birth of the newest Voyager citizen could be upstaged by the death of a crew member.

[Voyager external]
[Stock footage – Voyager being fired upon by the Borg]
Kate Mulgrew: At least in one circumstance, probably devastating. Someone dearly beloved should die. Who do you think that should be, Pat? If you had to choose. Someone who would really break your heart.
[Stock footage of a battle scene on the bridge]
[B’Elanna and Janeway in a shuttlecraft?]
[Mulgrew (in uniform) talking to the camera on the bridge set]
Pat Collins: Ethan. It's got to be somebody everybody likes.
Kate Mulgrew: Right.
[From ‘Human Error’ - Neelix and Seven in her rather empty holographic quarters]
Neelix: They should reflect your individuality.

Pat Collins: Who would you kill off in this crew? How about everyone.

[Seven of Nine materializes on a transporter platform (wearing a blue uniform) and collapses]
[Robert Beltran (dressed casually) talking to the camera]
Robert Beltran: Just stick it to all of these people that take the show way too seriously. I would sort of like to see us all blown up into bits.
[Footage from ‘Year of Hell’ – Janeway on the bridge, the external of Voyager ramming the alien ship]
[Jeri Ryan talking to the camera]
Jeri Ryan: We get almost home and right before we reach the Alpha Quadrant the ship explodes. [laughs] I think that would be a really bold choice but I don't think they are going for it somehow. [laughs again]

Pat Collins: Blowing up the crew seems out of the question but expect exploding tempers in the months ahead.

[Various explosions – internal and external]
[External of Voyager warping away]
[Rehearsal from ‘Author, Author’ – the Doctor and senior staff are in the briefing room, he’s at one end of the table pacing]
The Doctor: If the price of expressing myself is having to suffer the scorn of some of a few colleagues...

Pat Collins: Here the cast is rehearsing an April episode. The Doctor, that's Robert Picardo, is defending his scandalous book whose characters closely resemble his Voyager colleagues.

[Janeway and the Doctor exchange words (both sitting) at the table]
[Pan of the senior staff assembled in the briefing room]
Torres: You turned my husband into a womaniser, the captain into a dictator…

Pat Collins: Betrayal, sex, birth, death, and more will be explored before these wandering astronauts find home.

[Paris and Torres with their heads together over a coffee table]
[reaction shot of Janeway]
[External of Voyager]
Kate Mulgrew: I think the possibilities are endless and they should be very dramatic.
Pat Collins: The series will conclude with a two-parter on May 23. I'm Pat Collins, UPN 9 News.

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