Take Remastered 'Journey To Babel' This Weekend

By Michelle
February 1, 2007 - 11:10 PM

The remastered original series episode "Journey to Babel" will air the weekend of February 3rd, featuring a new Orion spaceship, a new space shuttle landing and a rare look at Spock's home planet, Vulcan.

StarTrek.com has a list of stations that will be carrying the remastered episode, one of the most beloved of the original Star Trek's run. The story introduces Spock's parents, Sarak of Vulcan and his human wife Amanda, as the Enterprise plays host to a gathering of diplomats whose debate over whether to admit a new member world to the Federation apparently leads to bloodshed.

Mark Lenard plays Ambassador Sarek, Spock's father, a role he would reprise in three Star Trek motion pictures and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Spock's mother is played by Jane Wyatt, best known as the more traditional mother on Father Knows Best. The script is by D.C. Fontana.

CBS Digital created an all-new shuttle landing sequence and a more detailed version of the Orion ship that attacks the Enterprise. They also enhanced the exterior shot of the planet Vulcan.

Episodes and air dates for Star Trek Remastered may be found here.

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