Stewart Faces Global Warming, Single Parenthood and Giant Aliens

By Michelle
February 1, 2006 - 10:15 PM

The latest episode of Patrick Stewart (Picard)'s Eleventh Hour will debut tomorrow, while tonight viewers can get their first glimpse of Stewart's Bambi 2.

Eleventh Hour's third of four parts will premiere on February 2nd on ITV1 in Britain, noted The Patrick Stewart Network, which explained that in this latest episode, Stewart's character Hood meets an old friend who believes his research into global warming is being sabotaged...and then the friend mysteriously disappears.

On February 7th, will begin shipping Bambi 2, in which Stewart voices the Great Prince - the stag who is the father of the titular fawn. Mickey News reports that this afternoon, Starz Kids & Family will offer an in-depth look at the DVD.

ComingSoon rates the film only a 6 out of 10, saying that it will mostly appeal to children, while Animated News says that stylistically it will appeal to fans of traditional animation and offers some nice music.

As of yesterday, a new DVD version of Stewart's Dune is available as well. IGN called it "one of the poorest-rendered special editions ever released on DVD", saying that the added material actually made the film more confusing rather than enhancing it, while TrekWeb cites problems with the cropping of the extended version of the movie and found that the sound was sometimes out of sync.

The new DVD release contains both the original and extended editions, however, so fans looking for the original Dune can find it along with extras on the special effects, but no director commentary. Dune: The Extended Edition may be ordered from

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