Vornholt To Roll Out More 'Genesis Waves'

By Caillan
February 1, 2002 - 1:46 PM

Writer John Vornholt originally planned his 'Genesis Wave' books as a duology, but excellent sales figures means the concept might become an extended series.

"The first two books sold really well, so they wanted more," Vornholt told the Sci-Fi Wire. "The first two told a complete story, but I left lots of things hanging. It was kind of a disaster story."

Set in the Next Generation time period, the books continue the story of the Genesis Device from 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,' as a mysterious wave of energy sweeps across the Alpha Quadrant.

Vornholt explained the reasoning behind the third installment, which was published only last month. "Book three is an aftermath story," he said. "It's everything that happens after books one and two, when we think the threat's over, but it's really not."

But the story won't end there, as Pocket Books executive editor John Ordover has asked for a fourth book. "It's entirely doable, because I introduced lots of new characters in book three, sort of an 'X-Men'-like group, and they'll be able to continue in other books," Vornholt said. "So as long as the books sell well, I guess there will be 'Genesis Wave' four, five and I don't know how many."

Vornholt has written numerous Star Trek novels, including 'Gemworld', 'Rogue Saucer' and the young adult novelisations of the three TNG feature films.

'The Genesis Wave, Book Three' can be ordered from Amazon.com, while the full interview with Vornholt is available here at the Sci-Fi Wire.

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