TNG Season 7 DVD Reviews Appear

By Antony
January 1, 2003 - 4:52 PM

TNG Season 7 DVD set - courtesy, copyright Paramount PicturesReviewers have started to take a look at the seventh season The Next Generation box set, and have been giving their thoughts on this, the final release.

  • "Sniff, sniff. The last big, shiny, sleek box Next Gen box to put on your shelf has arrived," wrote Peter Bracke at DVD File. "Sad, but true. It's the last time I'll get the chance to critique a season of The Next Generation, so I'll just be positive and say something nice. These box sets have been a fun ride. They've all delivered on the quality for the most part, and season 7 is no different."

    In particular, Bracke praised the 'Starfleet Moments and Memories', a 29-minute extra feature for the final box set. "This is exactly what you'd expect and want, all of the cast and main crew looking back on the show that became legend. More relentless positivity, but the surprisingly long runtime and welcome emotional moments (especially from Sirtis and the impossible-to-really-hate Wheaton) make for a great sendoff. Even if you've skipped some (or many) of the featurettes on past Next Gen sets, you shouldn't miss this one.

    The full review, where Bracke recommends you "set your phasers on 'buy'" can be found here.

  • Ronald Epstein at the Home Theater Forum felt the box set brought back bittersweet memories. "Watching this seventh season boxed set is only a reminder of how sad I was that the series was coming to an end ... This was a season that knew its end was up and began to tie many of its loose ends together. Ironically, by the time the 2-hour final episode appeared on May 23rd 1994, fans had realized that the 7 year show had made a complete full circle."

    Epstein noted an interesting addition to the box set. "The most significant change to the menu structure is a brilliant wraparound of Picard's office chambers with the camera moving into the communications monitor that sits upon the desk. It is here that we receive an incoming transmission and the menu begins to form. No doubt fans will pick this as their most favorite menu sequence of all the sets."

    You can read his full review at this page.

  • Getting less sentimental is Jeremy Conrad at IGN DVD, stating that it is an "uneven" year that fans apparantly describe as the "let's mutate and have nightmares about it while Troi has a psychological crisis" season. "There are very few great episodes in this year, but the fantastic series finale saves it from oblivion," wrote Conrad.

    Conrad still remained positive about the box set however, in particular regarding the extras. "[It contains] pretty much the best selection of extras out of all seven boxes sets. The content in the featurettes here is just so fitting for the end of the series."

    The full review, where he rates the box set 8/10, can be found here.

  • Finally AT at DVD posted a mini review for the box set. "DVD-wise, it's more of the same, though with an extra special dash of magic, this being the final outing and all. 'Mission Overview' continues what you've found on previous boxsets, and the 'Moments And Memories' featurette is just one long pat on the back. Still, 'A Captain's Tribute' is a rewarding chat with Stewart where he reveals his personal feelings for his fellow cast members."

    AT was in particular impressed with the quality of picture. "Unsurprisingly, the format of the DVDs changes little from previous boxsets, though this has the sharpest picture quality of the collection."

    The full review, in which he rated the box set four out of five stars, can be found here.

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