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By Christian
January 1, 2003 - 3:57 PM

Hello World!

A happy new year to all TrekToday readers! We thought today was a fitting day to announce several big changes here at TrekToday (and at the other sites in the Trek Nation), some of which have already taken place, some of which will be taking place over the coming weeks:

  • New Server - Yes, I know it's been less than a year since we last moved to a new server, but we'll be doing it again this month. The reason for the server move is primarily that the one we currently have isn't able to handle the new BBS software (see below). We'll likely be moving the Trek BBS over first, followed by the other sites on the server. Of course, we'll keep you updated as we go along.

  • New Forum Software - Regular visitors to the Trek BBS will already have noticed that we moved to new forum software last week, and at the same time gave the BBS the same layout as TrekToday. Full information about the changes to the BBS (as well as an explanation of why many people lost their registrations) can be found here.

  • New Writer - The change that is possibly the most important for TrekToday itself is the fact that the structure of the news writing staff has changed quite a bit. Previously, news used to be written by Lisa, Caillan and me, a load we would theoretically be sharing equally. Unfortunately, in practice it turned out that Caillan was doing the bulk of the news writing, while Lisa and I were off working on the BBS or on technical matters.

    In practice this also meant that from time to time Caillan was getting a bit overworked doing most of the TrekToday news on his own, and thus we're happy to announce that a new news writer has joined the TrekToday staff! AntonyF, currently webmaster of and former webmaster of Star Trek Central, will be writing news for both TrekToday and SlipstreamNews. Antony, a good friend of us, was eager to get back to writing about Star Trek, and we're very happy he wanted to do that at TrekToday. He'll be introducing himself in tomorrow's Site Columns.

    At the same time, Lisa and I will be stepping back from TrekToday a bit, leaving Caillan as the head editor of TrekToday and SlipstreamNews, which he'd basically already been doing unofficially before. Lisa will focus on managing the Trek BBS and the Slipstream BBS, while I'll be focusing on technical and advertising matters, and getting some new features up on the site. Of course we'll both still be able to step in and post news on the site if the situation requires it, but from now on, you'll mostly be seeing Caillan and Antony post news on TrekToday.

In all probability, this will also lead to some changes in the way TrekToday operates. We've already decided the Site Columns will only be published twice a week from now on, rather than daily, with the TV listings being placed somewhere else on the site. Other style changes may also occur, but those will be for Caillan to decide.

Good luck to Caillan and Antony in their new roles, and I hope you'll all continue to enjoy the site in its new form!

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS. Please note that until we move to our new server, not all of these topics may be accessible to people who are not registered at the BBS:

-A BBS member bumped into Connor Trinneer during lunch break.

-How do you feel about the attitudes towards religion in Star Trek?

-And in Science Fiction & Fantasy: Who should win the Academy Award for best special effects?

More topics can be found at the Trek BBS!

Trek Two Years Ago

Two years ago, TrekToday staff wasn't mad enough to write any news for the site.

Today's Television Listings

UPN will be repeating Enterprise's 'Dead Stop' today at 8:00pm.

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