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May 26 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

TrekToday Archives

Apr 16 - Your Voice Returns
After over half a year of being absent, the Trek Nation Mailbag finally returns again! This week, we have comments on two recent Takes On Trek, Michael Hinman's Seven of Nine article, and several TrekToday items. Please be sure to keep on sending your Trek-related comments to

Aug 11 - Big Boss Mails
Are WWF Wrestlers coming to Voyager really the worst idea ever? Or how about the rumour there'll be more Seven of Nine next year? Read the fans' reactions to these issues in the new mailbag!

Aug 5 - The Paramount Files
In the new edition of our mailbag, most of the letters focus on Paramount shutting down a site which hosted the complete version of 'What You Leave Behind'. Besides that, we have letters about several recent news items, as well as reactions to Steve Perry's 'The Franchise's Future' article.

July 27 - Star Trek's Vision
Following all the recent reports about the behind-the-scenes happenings at Paramount, several people wrote in to comment about Voyager's future in general. Read their thoughts, together with reactions to our recent feature articles, in a new mailbag!

July 19 - Hiatus Calm
This week's new mailbag is somewhat emptier than usual, but there are still many replies from readers about the 'The Franchise's Future' article series, as well as some recent news items.

July 11 - Voyager In Flight
In the second regular edition of the mailbag, readers react to Valentine Winter's Defending Flight article, as well our other featured articles.

July 8 - Mo(o)re Braga
After the recent uproar surrounding the departure of Ron Moore from the Voyager staff, many readers wrote in about the rumours surrounding this departure. We collected the most interesting letters in this new mailbag edition!

July 4 - Star Trek Lives!
As we received so much mail from readers about our featured articles, we decided to open a mailbag where those mails could actually be published. From now, we'll be selecting the best mails from you every week and putting them up for this new section of the Nation!

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