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May 1 - Keith R. A. DeCandido
The 'Trek' author and editor shares his thoughts on the end of the S.C.E. line of novels, his favorite characters to write for, 'Star Trek XI' and the SFWA/Nebula controversy.

Mar 7 - James Cawley
The 'Star Trek: Phase II' star and producer talks about the movie and the franchise's future.

Nov 20 - George Takei
Michelle Erica Green talks to the Sulu actor about the animated series, election night and his hopes for a part in 'Star Trek XI'.

Sep 25 - Alexander Siddig
DS9's Dr. Bashir has had the kind of year most actors dream about, appearing in several highly-regarded films, and is about to take on Fox's '24'. He talked to Michelle Erica Green about work and his recollections of Star Trek.

Aug 6 - Margaret Wander Bonanno
Jaqueline Bundy discovers the many enigmas explored by the popular Pocket Books Star Trek novelist, soon to publish 'Burning Dreams.'

May 31 - John de Lancie
In anticipation of the Q DVD set next Tuesday, the actor who plays Q reflects on omnipotence, the appeal of science fiction and whether he'd rather flirt with Picard or Janeway.

May 26 - John Billingsley, Part Two
In part two the Doctor Phlox talks about ABC's 'The Nine', his film roles and how his career has moved on since 'Enterprise'.

May 22 - John Billingsley, Part One
The Doctor Phlox actor discusses the end of 'Enterprise', working on 'Prison Break'... and Phlox in a gimp suit.

Mar 7 - Alice Krige
The Borg Queen opens up about playing an omnisexual character, playing villainnesses and her upcoming projects.

Mar 4 - Penny Johnson Jerald
Kasidy Yates from 'Deep Space Nine' talks about life after being both the first lady and Condoleezza Rice.

Feb 28 - Harve Bennett
The executive producer of several Star Trek motion pictures talks about 'Starfleet Academy', writing 'Star Trek III' and how his military experiences shaped his Hollywood career.

Aug 22 - Michael Jan Friedman
The longtime Trek novelist and comic writer discusses his upcoming Picard/Crusher novel 'Death In Winter' with Jacqueline Bundy.

July 27 - David Mack
Jacqueline Bundy sits down with the novelist to discuss 'Star Trek Vanguard', the new book series about a space station from Kirk's era.

May 12 - Mike Sussman
Just before the show's swan song, 'Enterprise' writer Mike Sussman discussed the final year of the fifth Trek series, the divided but dedicated fandom, and the struggles 'Enterprise' faced during its run.

Apr 14 - Scott Bakula
'Enterprise' star on first-season DVD release, how much money would be needed for an 'Enterprise' movie, the evolution of Archer, and his mythical producer status.

Mar 28 - Star Trek: Titan
Jacqueline Bundy discusses the upcoming Riker novels with authors Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin.

Jan 10 - Terry Lee Rioux
In an exclusive interview, the author of the new biography of DeForest Kelley tells Jacqueline Bundy about how Star Trek's doctor affected people.

Oct 25 - John Billingsley
The doctor on 'Enterprise' prescribes a strong fourth season, but wouldn't take bets on whether there will be a fifth.

Oct 17 - Jack Donner
Jacqueline Bundy talks to the actor who played Subcommander Tal on 'The Enterprise Incident' and now returns to Star Trek in 'Home'. There are spoilers for the episode in the interview.

Oct 5 - Glenn Greenberg
Jacqueline Bundy interviews the Star Trek and comics writer about S.C.E. and his other work.

Aug 13 - Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz
Jacqueline Bundy talks to these veteran 'Trek' novelists about writing one of, if not the, greatest Star Trek characters, Spock.

July 12 - David Mack
Book reviewer Jacqueline Bundy interviews the popular writer of episodic television, books and e-books exclusively for the Trek Nation.

Mar 9 - Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore — Part Two
'Star Trek' authors discuss the TNG 'A Time to...' novels, 'No Limits' anthology, interacting with fans & more!

Mar 8 - Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore — Part One
Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore are two regular contributors to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers series of e-Books. Jacqueline Bundy talks to the duo about how they came to write for the series and their upcoming instalments.

Feb 18 - John Billingsley
On the eve of 'Doctor's Orders', the Phlox actor discusses how his character has changed.

Jan 30 - Anthony Montgomery
Optimistic about his character and the future of the franchise, the actor who brings Travis Mayweather to life discusses his job with AntonyF.

Nov 24 - Nick Sagan - Part III
In the final instalment of this three-part interview, Nick Sagan answers questions from Trek Nation readers about his work as a writer.

Nov 13 - Jeff Mariotte
Jacqueline Bundy talks to the well-known genre novelist and comic book writer Jeff Mariotte about his upcoming Lost Era novel, Deny Thy Father.

Nov 3 - Nick Sagan - Part II
In the second instalment of this three-part interview with former TNG and Voyager writer Nick Sagan, he talks about one of his most controversial episodes, "Course: Oblivion", as well as his first novel, Idlewild.

Oct 27 - Nick Sagan - Part I
Nick Sagan has written for both The Next Generation and Voyager, with his credits including "Attached", "In the Flesh" and "Course: Oblivion". In the first part of this three-part interview series, he tells how he came to be involved in the franchise and the joys and challenges of writing for Star Trek.

Aug 18 - Tucker Smallwood
Tucker Smallwood is one of the actors bringing the villainous Xindi to life on Enterprise next season. We caught up with the actor to find out what it's like playing one of the show's new bad guys.

May 12 - Mike Sussman
Mike Sussman has served on both the Voyager and Enterprise writing staffs, and has so far penned ten episodes of the latter with his writing partner, Phyllis Strong. In this Q&A with TrekToday readers, he talks about the original premise for "Future Tense", the nature of cloaking devices in the Enterprise universe, pitching for the series, writing for different characters, bringing back aliens from the original Trek and teases this season's finale, "The Expanse", which he says is "almost a new pilot".

May 5 - Jordan Lund
Two-time Star Trek guest actor Jordan Lund returns for his third franchise appearance in next week's "Bounty", this time playing a Tellarite. In this Q&A with TrekToday readers, he answers your questions on bringing the argumentative alien species back to life.

Mar 25 - Christie Golden
In this Q&A with TrekToday readers, noted Star Trek novelist Christie Golden answers questions on topics ranging from getting started as a writer to her upcoming Star Trek: Voyager relaunch novels, Homecoming and The Farther Shore.

Feb 17 - Tim Russ
In this question and answer session with TrekToday readers, Tuvok actor Tim Russ responds to questions on topics ranging from his favourite 'Voyager' episodes to his current projects and minority actors in Hollywood.

Nov 12 - André Bormanis
'Enterprise' story editor and science consultant talks about next week's new episode, finding the series's voice, future plans and more!

Sep 14 - 'Dead Zone' First Season Finale
Based on the book by Stephen King and developed for television by Trek veteran Michael Piller, 'The Dead Zone' has made its mark as one of the highest-rated cable television series in America. Michelle Erica Green talks to stars Anthony Michael Hall & David Ogden Stiers (Dr. Timicin in TNG's 'Half a Life') and producer Shawn Piller about their first season, Trek connections, and the season finale, 'Destiny.'

Aug 19 - Nicole deBoer
Arriving on Deep Space Nine in its seventh and final season, Nicole deBoer had the daunting challenge of replacing one of the show's best-loved characters - and came through with flying colours. Now starring in The Dead Zone on the USA Network, the Canadian actress talks to Michelle Erica Green about her new series and life after DS9.

July 16 - W. Vito Montone
The 3D Vir-Con is the first event of its kind, giving fans who aren't able to go to Creation's Star Trek convention is Las Vegas the chance to have the same kind of experience in a virtual environment. In this interview, Vir-Con executive producer answers questions from TrekToday readers about the virtual convention.

June 10 - Michael Piller
Michael Piller is well-known to Trek fans from his years writing and producing The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Here he talks to Michelle Erica Green about the challenges of bringing Stephen King's book 'The Dead Zone' to the small screen.

June 3 - Penny Johnson Jerald
Kasidy Yates actress chats about the similarities between her 24 character Palmer and Sisko, her acting choices, how she feels about her Trek fans and what she admires about Sherry. Spoilers abound for the 24 season finale.

Apr 3 - Rene Auberjonois
For seven years Rene Auberjonois chased criminals, his own past, and the affections of Major Kira as Constable Odo on 'Deep Space Nine.' Tonight, he returns to the Trek fold as Ezral in the 'Enterprise' episodes 'Oasis.' Michelle Erica Green talks to the man behind the makeup.

Mar 25 - Jeffrey Combs
Jeffrey Combs, who plays mysterious Andorian Shran on Enterprise, returns to the series this week as another character, Krem -- one of the first group of Ferengi ever encountered by humans. Combs is known to Trek fans as Deep Space Nine's Weyoun, the Vorta mouthpiece of the Dominion, and Brunt, the greedy Ferengi who wants to chop Quark into pieces. He also played fight promoter Penk on Voyager's 'Tsunkatse' and appeared in DS9's 'Meridian.'

Feb 27 - Vaughn Armstrong
'Enterprise's' Admiral Forrest chats about his role in the series, conventions and singing

Jan 22 - John Billingsley
With 12 episodes of Enterprise now having been shown in the US, the next episode to hit UPN screens will be the Doctor-centered episode 'Dear Doctor'. John Billingsley, who plays Enterprise's physician, gives his thoughts on the episode, as well as on life on the set, his character, and conventions.

Aug 27 - Scott Bakula
Michael J. Fijolek talks with the 'Enterprise' star about snapping at Vulcans, failing technology and cast chemistry.

Aug 20 - Anthony Montgomery
An inquisitive nature, enthusiasm and a desire to explore are all traits that most fans would agree embody the best of the Star Trek franchise and the characters that inhabit it. With the fifth series, Enterprise, close to airing in the US, Anthony Montgomery is undeniably well suited to his role of Travis Mayweather, the ship's helmsman. His infectiously positive personality is unavoidable, and he naturally embodies those character traits we have come to expect in Star Trek.

Mar 16 - Too Many Universes - Keith DeCandido
Keith DeCandido, co-creator of the Star Trek: S.C.E. series of e-books, recently published the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Diplomatic Implausibility, and has a Farscape novel, House of Cards, arriving shortly. Michelle Erica Green talked to the author about his myriad of projects.

Mar 14 - Marco Palmieri
Set to pick up after 'What You Leave Behind', the Deep Space Nine Relaunch is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated Star Trek book series at present. With that in mind, we asked the series editor Marco Palmieri if he’d be willing to answer a few questions. Read his responces inside!

Mar 4 - John Ordover
John Ordover, Star Trek editor of Pocket Books, takes some time out to talk about the past, present and future of e-books, plus his own projects and what's to come in the next few months.

Jan 13 - An Interview with Tye Bourdony
Amy Hightower talks to Tye Bourdony, author of 'The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi' comic strip, soon to make its Trek Nation debut.

Sep 18 - Bill Margol Interview
When the Sci-Fi Channel obtained the rights to the Original Star Trek Series, the cable channel set out to create a true special edition of the series, cleaning up the old prints and featuring interviews with all the principal actors. In this new interview, Salvador Nogueira talks with Bill Margol, executive producer of the new edition.

May 1 - 'Trekkies' Director
Almost a year ago, the fan documentary 'Trekkies' was released to American cinemas. Now that the film will soon be released in Europe, Lorenz Ulrich interviews Roger Nygard, the director of the film.

Mar 8 - John Cook
Every week, thousands of internet fans read John Cook's Sev Trek comic. Now, find out about the man behind the comic in our new Community Profile!

Feb 26 - David E. Sluss
At the Cynics Corner, David E. Sluss provides the world with biting commentary about DS9 and Voyager episodes. In the first installment of our newly revived Community Profile series, Sebastian Lorenz finds out all about the Cynic!

Nov 30 - Mike & Denise Okuda Q&A
During the month November, the LCARS: Federation Databank hosted a special Q&A feature where questions could be asked to Michael and Denise Okuda, both working as scenic artists on 'Star Trek: Voyager'. You can now read the transcript here.

Nov 1 - Kenneth Hite Interview
Last Unicorn games recently published a role-playing game based on the original Star Trek series. In this interview, we talk to RPG designer Kenneth Hite about the TOS RPG and several of their other upcoming products.

July 24 - David Henderson
In our new Community Profile section, we'll be regularly presenting interviews with leading figures from the online Trek community. In this first profile in the series, Amy Hightower interviews David Henderson, webmaster of Trek site Psi Phi.

June 7 - 'Insurrection' Game Designer
In this final installment in his series of reports from the E3 gaming expo, Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga talks to Aaron Gray, Jonathan Knight and Eric Dallaire, all working on Activision's upcoming 'Insurrection' game.

May 26 - 'Voyager: Elite Force'
As part of our coverage of the E3 gaming expo, we also interviewed David Fischer and Brian Pelletier, two of the people working on the 'Voyager: Elite Force' action game. Get all the latest details about this game in this new interview!

May 24 - 'Armada' Lead Programmer
At the E3 gaming expo, Trek Nation contributor Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga was present to check out all the latest Trek games. In this interview, he talks with Dr. Ian Lane Davis, lead programmer for Activision's 'Star Trek: Armada' real-time strategy game. Read all about this exciting game in the interview!

Apr 14 - Jeff Mariotte Interview
Recently, Wildstorm obtained the license to publish Star Trek comics. Now, here is the first interview on the net with Jeff Mariotte, the editor of Wildstorm's Trek line.

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