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Series: 'Enterprise'
Episode Title: 'Bound'
Episode Number: 417
Synopsis: "After Archer forges a deal with the Orions, the trader presents the captain with a gift -- three alluring Orion women, who proceed to seduce all the men on board, except Trip for some mysterious reason. Meanwhile, Trip's continued presence on Enterprise begins to grate on new chief engineer Kelby."

Original Airdate: April 15, 2005


Written By: Manny Coto
Directed By: Allan Kroeker

Guest Stars:


  • Reportedly concerns a slaver named Harrad-Sar who has had dealings with the Klingons and the Gorn Hegemony brings three beautiful Orion slave girls in to dance for Archer and Reed. The sisters end up on Enterprise as freed slaves, though one of the women, Navaar, tells Archer that even if she is not his property, she still wants to please him, asking whether it would be inappropriate for her to kiss and touch him. (story).


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