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Series: 'Enterprise'
Episode Title: 'Awakening'
Episode Number: 408
Synopsis: "Archer and T'Pol encounter the Syrrannites, a radical group hiding in the Vulcan desert, while the NX-01 crew contends with Vulcan power ploys."

Original Airdate: November 26, 2004


Written By: Andre Bormanis
Directed By: Roxann Dawson

Guest Stars:


  • Archer and T'Pol locate the Syrrannites and are imprisoned by T'Pau, whom they suspect is responsible for the bombing of the Vulcan embassy. (September 17, 2004 - TrekToday)

  • Robert Foxworth on V'Las: "He's not a suit. I play a lot of stuffy guys, and this guy, although he's a problematical character, wasn't stuff." (November 25, 2004 - TrekToday)


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