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The Crossing

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Series: 'Enterprise'
Episode Title: 'The Crossing'
Episode Number: 218
Synopsis: "When Enterprise is enveloped by a vast alien vessel filled with a species that appear only as wisps of vapor, these non-corporeal alien beings capture Enterprise and take form by invading various crew members' bodies to learn more about the humans, or so they say. In an attempt to get back control of Enterprise and to have his crew members' lost souls returned to their appropriate bodies, Archer enlists T'Pol's powers of mind control to determine what the aliens really want."

Original Airdate: April 02, 2003
Rerun: July 30, 2003
Fan Rating: 6.9/10 (Full Poll Results)
Nielsens Rating: 2.6/4 (Full Report)


Story By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga and Andre Bormanis
Teleplay By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Directed By: David Livingston

Guest Stars:


  • Rumoured to involve the crew being possessed by wispy alien entities. (December 17, 2002 - TrekToday)

  • The original draft of the script included a character named Crewman Rooney, presumably replaced by Rostov in the final draft. (January 18, 2003 - TrekToday)

  • Principal photography on 'The Crossing' ran from Wednesday, January 8 to Thursday, January 16. (January 18, 2003 - TrekToday)

  • The Enterprise is engulfed by an alien ship, and disabled. Unable to leave, a race of mist-like aliens - who claim they mean no harm - wish to merge with the crew as they can allow them to experience "great wonders". (February 22, 2003 - TrekToday)

  • Rick Berman: "[A] very heavy science fiction episode that I'm very pleased with. That's the one with our 'wisps' that will remind people of the [alien clouds] from The Original Series." (March 22, 2003 - TrekToday)


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