Rogue Planet

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Series: 'Enterprise'
Episode Title: 'Rogue Planet'
Episode Number: 118
Synopsis: "While exploring an uncharted planet, Enterprise crew members encounter a group of aliens who are hunting down indigenous creatures for recreation. During their exploration, Archer is mesmerized by visions of a woman desperately attempting to communicate with him. The woman's ethereal distress signal informs Archer that she and others like her are actually the prey of the alien hunters. Heeding her call, Archer levels the playing field against the alien hunters."

Original Airdate: March 20, 2002
Rerun: August 07, 2002
Fan Rating: 5.8/10 (Full Poll Results)


Story By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga & Chris Black
Teleplay By: Chris Black
Directed By: Allan Kroeker

Guest Stars:


  • Rumoured to feature the Enterprise crew encountering a hunting species known as the Eska. They possess advanced camouflage equipment that they use to hunt game - so advanced that even the crew's nightvision sensors can't detect them. Whilst on the planet, Archer comes across a mysterious shape-shifting woman who claims her species are being hunted by the Eska - for they are what the Eska prize most. (December 11, 2001 - TrekToday)

  • John Billingsley: "We land on a planet in which a group of hunters appear to be hunting the native beasts. But it turns out that the native beasts are not beasts but peculiarly evolved shape shifters, who attempt to communicate to the captain the urgency of their plight to stop the slaughter." (February 20, 2002 - TrekToday)


Poll Results

How would you grade 'Rogue Planet'?
5-6 26.2% - (286 Votes)
7-8 17.6% - (192 Votes)
9-10 16.7% - (182 Votes)
3-4 13.8% - (151 Votes)
1-2 11.5% - (126 Votes)
Wasn't able to see it 11% - (120 Votes)
Didn't want to see it 2.9% - (32 Votes)

Total Votes: 1089

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