Several S&S Trek Books On Sale For $1 This Month

Several classic Star Trek books from the Simon & Schuster era of publishing Trek novels are on sale (as eBooks) for only 99 cents through the end of October.

These titles include:

  • A Stitch in Time, by Andrew J. Robinson. Robinson, who played Garak on Deep Space Nine, wrote the book at the urging of an editor who heard him read an excerpt from in-character journals he kept while working on the show. Notably, this book has been out of physical print for quite some time, and sells for well north of $200 on secondary markets.
  • Rogue Saucer, by John Vornholt. This TNG-era story sees a villainous force take control of an experimental new saucer being tested on the USS Enterprise-D.
  • Strangers from the Sky, by Margaret Wander Bonnano. This story, told during the era of the TOS movies, sees the crew of the Enterprise making a mysterious first contact.

Several other classic Trek stories are available in this promo, including the rather infamous X-Men / TNG crossover Planet X, by Michael Jan Friedman.

Individual retailer links to buy these books from your service of choice are available from Simon & Schuster. Bear in mind that S&S notes that retailers may have limited capacity or volume of these books available for sale, so be sure to hop onto this promo before it expires on October 31.

Source: Simon & Schuster

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