Star Trek: Lower Decks Season Two Promotional Video

A new promotional video for Star Trek: Lower Decks: Season Two is available from (Link at the bottom of the article). Warning – if you’re avoiding spoilers, you’ll need to take your departure here.

Season Two will feature plenty of excitement and references to past Trek. Seen in the short video were references to the Original Series’ The Savage Curtain (an Excaliban, plus the former Abraham Lincoln, now a skeleton), Tom Paris in the flesh, a Wrath of Khan reference, Klingons, The Borg, a menacing black hole, a Mugato, a bunch of Datas, and some strange aliens – including huge pigs and a scorpion-type alien.

For those wanting a peek at what to expect this season on Star Trek: Lower Decks, the preview can be seen here.

New episodes of Lower Decks drop Thursdays (US/Canada) on Paramount + and CTV Sci-Fi, and Fridays on Amazon Prime Video International.


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