Paris Was Almost On Picard Season One

Had things worked out, Star Trek: Picard fans would have seen another familiar Trek character on the show last season, Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris.

“I’d love to do Picard,” said McNeill. “I actually loved that first season. They asked me to do an episode of Picard. It wasn’t a big sequence of scenes or whatever, it was a couple of scenes with Patrick.

“I think it was just viewscreen stuff, or maybe in his office or something, it wasn’t a lot, but they were trying to work it out so it wasn’t a lot so the schedule might work, but it didn’t pan out.”

McNeill has also been asked to direct some episodes of Discovery in its early days. “When Discovery was first coming together, I know there were some conversations about me directing on that show early on,” he said. “But I tend to spend most of my time producing now, and when I’m producing I’m on a show full time. I wasn’t available when they were figuring out their first round of directors, and ever since then, the stars haven’t aligned.”

Source: Digital Spy

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