October Trek Ships From The Official Starships Collection

This October, as reported by TrekCore, look for three ships from Hero Collector‘s the Official Starships Collection. The ships include: the Star Trek: Picard Romulan Flagship, the USS Pegasus NCC-53847), and the Damar-class Cardassian Science Dreadnought.

Here are the official descriptions of each ship:

The “Romulan Starship (Issue 8) — A slim and sleek Romulan vessel designed as a warship, this starship sported the crescent-shaped ‘wings’ characteristic of Romulan vessels, as well as a prominent bridge window. Developed in the years after the destruction of Romulus, this ship saw mass deployment above the planet Coppelius – where it squared off against a Federation fleet led by William T. Riker!”

The Romulan Flagship will cost $54.95.

The USS Pegasus (Issue 28): “A prototype Oberth-class starship, the USS Pegasus served as a testbed for many technologies…including a cloaking system which broke the Federation’s peace treaty with the Romulan Empire! The Pegasus was destroyed in testing, and its true purpose was covered up by Starfleet – until Jean-Luc Picard and the USS Enterprise were tasked with retrieving its wreckage…

“This hand-painted XL model captures the Oberth-class Pegasus in precise detail, just as it appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

The cost for the oversized USS Pegasus will be $75.00.

The Damar-Class Cardassian Science Dreadnought (Issue 19): “A modernized vessel available to Cardassian players in Star Trek Online, the Damar-class Science Intel Dreadnought is named for the famous Cardassian leader who rose up and led a rebellion against the rule of the Dominion.”

Equipped with a vast array of sensory and analytical capabilities, this massive dreadnought was designed to fully assess the enemy before a single shot is fired.”

The Damar-Class Cardassian Science Dreadnought will cost $29.95.

Photos courtesy of TrekCore. More photos of the ships can be found there.

Source: TrekCore

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