More Q Tidbits From John De Lancie

In several new cameo videos on John de Lancie‘s Cameo site, the actor dropped a few more bits about Star Trek, Q, and Picard.

While speaking to user Brandon, de Lancie told him that Star Trek was “such an unusual show…there is a friendship feeling [and a] bonding feeling.”

For a birthday greeting to Trevor from his friend Lester, Lester told de Lancie that Trevor “loves [the] portrayal of Q, and the moral ideas about humanity and whether humanity is worth it all.”

“Well, as the person who portrays Q, there are times that I wonder that myself, yeah” said de Lancie. “In any case, you will be happy to know I am on Picard and many of the discussions I have actually had of late have been about just that – moral idea. I think that the character of Q works best in the philosophical zone.”

He told another person that “You are going to be seeing me soon on Picard. I come back,” he said “not in a walker, but close to it. It’s my final carryings on with Jean-Luc Picard.”

Could this truly be the end of Q’s appearances on Star Trek?

Source: John de Lancie's Cameo website

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