Burton Hosts Jeopardy! This Week

Beginning tonight, LeVar Burton will be the guest host on Jeopardy!, which airs on NBC.

As seen below, Burton spoke about taking on the role of guest host. I “want to live up to Alex [Trebek]’s legacy,” he said.

“I was terrified,” said Burton, when asked about being nervous about hosting the show. “You’re not going to be as smooth as Alex,” he told himself. “Let go of that.”

“What you can bring to the table is you,” he said. “So that became my point of focus, and when it did, I started having fun.”

Burton spoke more about the guest host opportunity in a promotional video for the show. “When this opportunity came by, I could not pass it up,” he said. He admitted that he was “absolutely petrified” and “I don’t know that that feeling ever went away.”

The guest hosts have been raising funds for their favorite charities. Burton will be raising funds for Reading is Fundamental.

Source: Jeopardy! YouTube Page

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