Isaacs: What Would Make Me Return To Trek

In an interview with Comicbook, Jason Isaacs explained that there has to be a good reason for him to return to a franchise such as Star Trek.

The good reason for Isaacs would be the writing. “It’s always in script,” he said. “There’s no part I’m interested in, there’s no people, no matter how much I admire them and I’m into them, it’s always the script.

“It’s always, what story am I telling? I wouldn’t ever want to go milk something just to please the fans or my bank manager. I try and find something that has something in it that will make me entertained. There’s all kinds of fab things that happen between cuts and action, being in lovely locations, or getting paid well, or being with friends, but at some point it’s between action and cut that you have to focus on and I want to have something to do.

“I don’t want to just be in things because other people want to see them. I want to be able to play something…For instance, there’s a clamor often for me to go back to Star Trek. Had a fantastic time on Star Trek, I loved all the people, I love being part of that universe, and Prime Lorca, the Prime Universe version of my captain, has yet to be found. But I wouldn’t go back just to be in it, I’d go back if you had a great story to tell.”

Isaac’s most recent project is Creation Stories, which made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival last week.


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