Star Trek: Discovery Wins CAFTCAD Awards

Over the weekend, the 2021 Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design (CAFTCAD) award ceremony was streamed online, and Star Trek: Discovery walked away with three awards.

CAFTCAD has “worked towards bringing together Canadian costume professionals from all corners of the industry, regardless of union affiliation. The founders of this Alliance understood that Canadian costumers would be stronger together than individually. CAFTCAD has succeeded in creating a thriving environment within which members can share, learn and advance their craft, while simultaneously raising the awareness of the contributions these artisans have made in the international industry of film, television, video, and commercials.

“The CAFTCAD Awards, which held its inaugural event in 2019, is the culmination of these efforts to bring the costuming community together, recognize and reward talent, and usher CAFTCAD onto the world stage – and we are ready to do it again.”

The awards won were for Excellence in Crafts – Building (That Hope is You, Part 1), Excellence in Crafts – Special Effects Costume Building (People of Earth), and Costume Design in TV – Sci-Fi/Fantasy (That Hope is You, Part 1).

Source: TV-Eh

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