Live Long And Prosper Billboard Campaign Launches

The family of Leonard Nimoy, and L.A. Care Health Plan have announced a billboard and social media campaign to encourage people to get their COVID vaccinations and to wear their masks. The campaign is called Live Long and Prosper.

“The phrase Live Long and Prosper spreads a message that my dad strongly believed in – not only for a long and healthy life, but it also represents peace, tolerance, diversity and unity. This project really is a continuation of his mission on lung health,” said Julie Nimoy. “We are so grateful that L.A. Care was eager to work with us, and their team developed a wonderful concept that will capture attention and ensure the message is seen.”

The Live Long and Prosper billboard will “feature a masked individual and will include a message encouraging people to get vaccinated.”

“Dare I say, it was the logical thing to do,” said John Baackes, L.A. Care CEO. “We were honored to be approached by the Nimoy family after they saw our billboards showing masked individuals. Leonard Nimoy and the beloved phrase Live Long and Prosper will forever hold a place in our hearts, and we know they can help us get out the word about some very important steps that will help us all protect ourselves and our loved ones.”

A social media campaign will also feature the Live Long and Prosper message.

Source: PRNewswire

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