De Lancie Reveals TNG Guest Star In Star Trek: Picard

In new Cameo videos from John de Lancie, as reported by TrekMovie, de Lancie reveals that a TNG actor will be appearing on Star Trek: Picard Season Two. Note: Spoilers below. You have been warned.

In several cameo videos, de Lancie spoke of working with that TNG actor. “I am doing Picard right now with – of all people – Mr. Picard,” he said. “So, that’s been great fun. It’s been great fun to see Patrick, to see Brent [Spiner], and to see Jonathan [Frakes]. I am going to be working with Jonathan coming up here in a couple of weeks.”

In another cameo, he told fans “I am on the next season of Picard. And Sir Patrick and I have had a whole bunch of scenes, which we thoroughly enjoyed working with each other. I have got one coming up with Data on this coming Tuesday.”

And in a birthday cameo to Trish, de Lancie said “I’ve already been shooting; I’ve had some wonderful scenes with Patrick. It was nice …working with him again…and tomorrow I’m working with Brent. So I’m really looking forward to that.”

We evidently haven’t seen the last of Data, but who knows in what form (or if it’s even Data) that encounter with Q will take.

Source: TrekMovievia De Lancie on Cameo

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