Yeoh Expects More Georgiou On Discovery

In a Pod Directive podcast as reported by TrekMovie, Michelle Yeoh spoke about Georgiou’s exit from Discovery via the Guardian of Forever, and what she believes may happen in the future for the character.

Going through the portal the first time was to “weigh you and really it is to see if you deserve a second chance,” she said. “And I think in life that’s what we all hope, that if we do something wrong, do something bad, we hope there is redemption and we will be given a second chance to redeem ourselves. I think that has always been the most interesting part for me, for Georgiou.

“Emperor Georgiou was learning to understand that you can’t keep killing to stay on top. One day there will be no more people left to kill. And then when Kovich turned around and said to Emperor Georgiou, ‘You know the Terrans have not been heard of in the last 500 years.’ That’s just to say: you have wiped yourself out. And I think that was when Georgiou heard and understood and felt that the only way to go around that is to rule with peace and compassion.

“When she came out it’s okay. You think you have failed, but you actually haven’t because you did try to make a difference.”

When Georgiou went through the portal again, fans figured that that she was gone from Discovery forever. But Yeoh disagrees. “I think when she went through the portal [the second] time, for me it’s like saying ‘Goodbye, until we meet again.’ Because this is Star Trek. Who knows? One day Emperor Georgiou is going to find out that Michael Burnham is like in dire straits or the other way around and something has to be done. I don’t know, but I’m just putting it out there.

“Carl has said to her, ‘You have another journey to undertake.’ And it’s so obvious you have more things to do. It’s not going to be a smooth ride. It will be bumpy. It will be full of heartaches. It will be full of pain. But I think it’s true. That is life.

“So I think there’s so much more possibilities for Georgiou. And I know my executive producers and showrunners and writers have a lot more things in store for such an amazing character.”

Source: TrekMovievia Star Trek: The Pod Directive

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