July 2021’s New Ships From Hero Collector

In July, as reported by TrekCore, two new ships will be added to Hero Collector‘s Official Starships Collection. The ships include a Romulan vessel from Star Trek: Picard, and the A.F.S. Khitomer Battlecruiser.

Here are the descriptions of the two ships: “Romulan Vessel (Issue 5) – A new class of Romulan starship, this sharp-edged, angular warbird was employed by both the Romulan Free State and the secretive Tal Shiar intelligence agency, as they exploited the secrets of The Artifact… a vast, dormant Borg Cube!”

This cool ship will sell for $54.95.

A.F.S. Khitomer Battlecruiser (Issue 16) — A prototype vessel available to players in Star Trek Online, the Khitomer-class Battlecruiser was the first ship launched by the Khitomer Alliance’s new Allied Fleet Service (AFS). Designed jointly by the Alliance’s members, the Khitomer fuses elements of Starfleet and Klingon starship design for a true hybrid vessel.”

This vessel will sell for $29.95.

Source: TrekCore

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