Voyager Documentary Now Has An Official Name

The Voyager documentary film now has an official title. It is called To The Journey: Looking Back At Star Trek: Voyager.

The explanation for the title is that it “not only holds a deeper meaning for the series, but also references the powerful final episode [of Voyager].”

The fundraising for the documentary is doing very well. With only nine days to go, $877,115 has been raised as of this writing. Only two stretch goals remain – one to remaster all show footage used in the documentary and the final one promises an “exclusive never before seen Voyager surprise.”

The To The Journey: Looking Back At Star Trek: Voyager fundraising campaign has “just surpassed Bill Nye‘s incredible Documentary and are now the second-most funded documentary campaign in history!! This is all because of you, the best fans in the Quadrant.

“Do we have a shot at number one, you ask? The Frank Zappa documentary and restoration project raised an astounding $1,126,036 and, while reaching that may seem like a tall task, as Seven of Nine said, ‘impossible is a word that humans use far too often.'”

To donate, head to the link located here.

Source: Voyager Documentary Indiegogo Campaign

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