The Voyager Documentary Campaign Launches Today

Fundraising for the Star Trek: Voyager documentary, to be created by 455 Films (What We Left Behind), began today and the response has been so good that more than double the original goal has already been met.

“It’s been over twenty-five years since Voyager first got lost in the Delta Quadrant and took us all on an incredible seven-year journey. It is now time to revisit, celebrate, and fully explore what made this Star Trek series so special. The cast and crew of this groundbreaking show deserve the highest recognition, and with your help, we are going to make happen!”

The documentary is “still in the early stages of production with more interviews and support footage yet to be filmed.” After that, post-production will include editing, music, animation, color-correction, sound mixing and CBS/Star Trek footage licensing.”

In the video below, hear from Lolita Fatjo, Garret Wang, and Tim Russ (plus a few special guests) about the project.

As is usual, there will be perks offered to those donating at many different price ranges. Some of the perks include a Digital Bundle ($25), Lapel Crew Pin Sets ($35 each), a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack ($35), shirts, subscriptions, a mug, Zoom meetings, swag bag and away missions, postcards, and film credits.

To learn more, head to the link located here.


Source: Press Release

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