Leonard Nimoy Day Proclaimed

On March 26, Leonard Nimoy would have been ninety. In honor of Nimoy, Marty Walsh, the Mayor of the City of Boston has proclaimed that day to be Leonard Nimoy Day in the City of Boston.

Nimoy was born in the West End of Boston in 1931, and began acting at the Elizabeth Peabody House and the West End Boys Club in Boston, said Walsh, via the official proclamation.

“Leonard Nimoy brought honor upon his native city with his accomplishments as an actor, writer, producer, director, poet, photographer and philanthropist.

“He has worked for the betterment of his community by contributing to cancer research and to the Financial Aid for Arts and Telescopic Space Research.

“Leonard Nimoy, through his fictional character, Mr. Spock – half human, half Vulcan – gave the immigrant, the refugee, and the oppressed a hero for “the Outsider”; and…he will always be remembered as a valued constituent dedicated to both the arts and his community.”

“I encourage all Bostonians to recognize Leonard Nimoy’s commitment and dedication to the Arts and the lasting impact that he has left on the community,” Walsh added.

Source: Julie Nimoy's Twitter Feed

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