Coming Soon From The Official Starships Collection

Three new ships from Hero CollectorsOfficial Starships Collection are coming soon. The ships include Subspace Relay Station 47, the Nebula-class USS Bonchune, and the Yorktown-class USS Enterprise-F.

The Subspace Relay Station 47 is “A Starfleet communication relay station located along the Federation-Klingon border, the crew of Relay Station 47 faced pressure from aggressive Klingons, long isolation, and internal strife. When the U.S.S. Enterprise-D arrived to deliver supplies in The Next Generation episode Aquiel, they found themselves facing a murder mystery… and only one survivor.”

Seven inches in height, this station will sell for $49.95.

Next up is the Nebula-class USS Bonchune. “This XL model precisely replicates Starfleet’s Nebula-class vessel, developed for military use in the 24th century. The Nebula-class employed many of the same components as the Galaxy-class – but configured differently, they formed a completely different design. This model shows the U.S.S. Bonchune as it appeared in the Voyager episodes Message In A Bottle and Endgame.”

The USS Bonchune is approximately 6.5″ x 6.5″ and it will cost $74.95.

The Yorktown-class USS Enterprise-F is “A scientific vessel available to Starfleet players in Star Trek Online, the Yorktown-class Starcruiser was a new refit for the Odyssey-class chassis, the most advanced vessel of its kind – and a fitting configuration for the USS Enterprise-F, the latest ship to bear the name Enterprise.”

This USS Enterprise-F is about five-and-a-half inches in length, and it will sell for $29.95.

Source: TrekCore

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