Stewart: Returning To Work And Picard’s Future

In an interview with Gold Derby as reported by TrekMovie, Sir Patrick Stewart spoke about his happiness returning to work, and gave clues as to what to expect in Season Two of Star Trek: Picard.

During the pandemic, Stewart had more downtime than he was used to having. He spent part of the time doing puzzles. “I do jigsaw puzzles,” he said. “That’s one of my passions. I finished the Last Supper two nights ago and it was one of the best moments of my life!”

“This downtime is the longest period [without work] in my career,” Stewart explained, “but in the last couple of weeks I have been called to the studio for wardrobe costume fittings. I woke up both of those mornings that I had to drive myself to Santa Clarita so excited that I was attending a wardrobe session! It wasn’t the same as walking in front of the camera and having to act a role, but the wheels were beginning to turn again and I felt so good. And now I have got five scripts of the show and different drafts of those scripts. I spend hours every day with them.

“But all the while inside, I know I have to work,” he said. “That’s what I’m here for. That’s my job. I want a script in my hand. I want actors in front of me. I want to hear somebody say, “Standby studio!” It’s going to happen and it’s within view now.”

When we last left Picard, he was put in an android body. How will this affect Picard’s character, if it does? “That’s a question that I brought up with Akiva and Terry when the three of us were having a script discussion,” said Stewart. “I wanted to know exactly what they had done to me when they saved my life. And was there any chance that this might have an impact on Picard’s personality or behavior. They felt it probably wouldn’t but it lies there as an option should we need to take it. But also there is another human aspect being introduced in Season Two, which I am not allowed to talk about. But it’s going to have, I think, quite an impact.”

The full Gold Derby video can be seen here.

Source: Gold Derbyvia TrekMovie

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