BioTrekkie With The Admiral

A new YouTube mini-series will talk about science using episodes from Star Trek: Discovery.

The description of the series is as follows: “Star Trek science consultant Dr. Mohamed Noor teams up with Star Trek actress Jayne Brook (Admiral Katrina Cornwell in Discovery seasons 1-2) to launch this new mini-series that teaches science using Star Trek: Discovery.

“Videos will use on-screen depictions as springboards to teach interesting real-world biology. And videos will close with Brook’s insights about acting and production, so Brook and Noor alternate taking on the role of student and teacher of their respective craft. In this short video, learn how they met, what inspired this miniseries, and what to anticipate in it– come science with us!”

Each episode will be a half-hour long, and new episodes will appear each Sunday. Look for the first episode on January 10, 2021.

Source: BioTrekkie Explains!

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