Notaro’s COVID Concerns

One of the fun characters on Star Trek: Discovery is engineer Jett Reno, but fans will see a bit less of her in Season Four due to Tig Notaro‘s worries about COVID.

In a guest appearance on the Fitz Dog Radio podcast with Greg Fitzsimmons, Notaro updated fans on her current projects and then explained why she turned down work on Star Trek: Discovery. “You say I am defining myself by podcasting these days? I’ll have you know I just shot an action film, also I am on the new Star Trek show,” said Notaro. “That movie is called Army of the Dead.

“And I am on the CBS show Star Trek: Discovery…Commander Jett Reno. They let me name myself and I named myself after Joan Jett, but it does sound like Janet Reno, I know… I’m the comedic relief and it’s so much fun… I’m podcasting but I’m also oddly veering into action, outer space and zombie films… didn’t see it coming.”

Notaro had breast cancer in 2012, and even though she is healthy now, she doesn’t want to take a chance on exposing herself to COVID. “Well I’m just a recurring character on Star Trek and it’s in Toronto and I didn’t feel safe flying, so I forfeited some work there,” she said. “But the other chunk of work is supposed to be in May and so hopefully things will be in better shape with the pandemic in May. And if not, I’ll just drive out there probably.

“…It was just too much for me to go two times to Toronto for one season as a guest star. But I love it. My friend [Alex Kurtzman] was a creator of this Discovery show so I’ve known him since I moved to L.A. twenty-two years ago and he put me on the show. So yeah, that’s where life has led me.”

The Fitz Dog Radio podcast can be heard here.

Source: Fitz Dog Radio Podcastvia TrekMovie

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