Star Trek Timelines’ Spocktober

Beginning on Thursday, October 8, Star Trek Timelines’ Spocktober will run through the rest of the month.

For each event (listed below), the “recurrent bonus trait will be ‘Vulcan,’ and the recurrent threshold reward will be a brand new variant of Spock: EV Suit Spock!”

Other Star Trek characters who will be appearing in the Spocktober mega-event will be Amanda Grayson, Sarek, Solok, Pike, T’Pring, McCoy, Leila Kalomi, and Zarabeth.

The USS T’Kumbra will be added to the game.

Here is the list of events:

  • Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event – The Noblest Half – October 8
  • Hybrid Galaxy/Skirmish Event – First Doctrines – October 15
  • Galaxy Event – His Vulcan Mind – October 22
  • Skirmish Event – Sha Ka Ree – October 29

Source: Star Trek Timelines

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