Number One Has A Mind-Blowing Backstory

During the Star Trek Day‘s Strange New Worlds panel that took place yesterday, Rebecca Romijn, Anson Mount, and Ethan Peck spoke about their characters who will be seen on the show.

Not much has been heard about Number one, so fans were eager to hear what Romijn had to say about her character. “The Cage being such an old pilot, the writers have this very unique opportunity where they’ve had this character that’s existed since the beginning of the canon, but she’s never been written,” she said. “I can’t wait to find out how vast her skill set is. What are the arrows in her quiver? My number one question is: what’s her backstory? And I had a delightful meeting with the writers’ room a couple of months ago, and they floated an idea for Number One’s backstory that I’m not going to share right now because it blew my mind when they said it. But that’s all I can say.”

Courtesy of TrekMovie, Mount and Peck spoke about their characters. For Mount, it was how he would approach playing Pike while knowing his terrible fate. “The most honest thing I can say is, I’m still figuring it out,” said Mount. “Pike didn’t just learn how he dies, he learns in what circumstances. So we do know that at some point he’s going to be presented with a promotion opportunity to Fleet Captain. And he has to accept that in order for the fate to come into existence. So what is it that’s going to allow him, both in terms of circumstance and emotion, to accept that promotion? It’s a tough question, but I think we’ll figure it out together.”

“I’m very thrilled to find the balance in Spock,” said Peck. “He is between two worlds of logic and control and of emotional volatility that we all struggle with. And so it’s going to be an enormous challenge. And there are plenty of scenarios in which we could play with that. And I’m very excited to see what the writers come up with. And I’m just going to throw myself in. I can’t wait.”

Source: Red Shirts Always Dievia TrekMovie

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