Hawley Trek Movie: Alive But In Stasis

While doing press for Fargo Season 4, Writer/Director Noah Hawley gave an update on his Star Trek movie.

Hawley had already finished the script for the movie, and had begun hiring directors, when both COVID-19 and changes at Paramount put it on hold, or “statis” as Hawley calls it. Supposedly the movie would have been about “a virus that wipes out vast parts of the known universe.”

The Trek movie, said Hawley, “would have an explicit connection to franchise canon,” similar “to the moment in the first season of Fargo when Oliver Platt‘s Stavros Milos finds the money buried in the snow by Steve Buscemi‘s Carl Showalter in the Coen brothers’ film.”

Hawley’s Trek would have featured new characters. “We’re not doing Kirk and we’re not doing Picard,” he explained. “It’s a start from scratch that then allows us to do what we did with Fargo, where for the first three hours you go, ‘Oh, it really has nothing to do with the movie,’ and then you find the money. So you reward the audience with a thing that they love.”

Source: Variety

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