Darren Recovering From COVID-19

James Darren, best-known to Deep Space Nine fans as Vic Fontaine, is recovering from a bout of COVID-19. The actor is eighty-four, which puts him in the high risk group when it comes to the virus.

George Hollo, who is the administrator of Darren’s Facebook fan page posted yesterday regarding the actor. “From George Hollo – Please send all your healing thoughts for Jimmy. He tested positive for COVID-19. He’s been recovering for eleven days and is expected to make a full recovery but is staying home while he heals.”

Deep Space Nine showrunner Ira Steven Behr said via Twitter that he had “just spoke with Jimmy. He’s a fighter. He’s on the recovery road but all you @StarTrek @startrekcbs @DS9Doc folks out there should say a prayer or two just to keep all bases covered. We love you, Jimmy.”

Darren posted on his own Facebook page, saying that he was “feeling thankful,” and “feels much better.”

Best wishes go out from TrekToday and all Trek fans, and double from those of us who are ‘Niners.”

Source: Daily Star Trek News

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