Kurtzman: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Like Original Series

While promoting another Trek series, Star Trek: Short Treks, Alex Kurtzman commented on Strange New Worlds, which will feature Anson Mount as Captain Pike, Ethan Peck as Spock, and Rebecca Romijn as Number One.

Strange New Worlds will be more like the original series than like later Trek. “I think Strange New Worlds, under the guidance of Henry Myers and Akiva Goldsman, it’s going to be a return in a way to TOS,” he said. “We are going to do stand-alone episodes. There will be emotional serialization. There will be two-parters. There will be larger plot arcs. But it really is back to the model of alien-of-the-week, planet-of-the-week, challenge-on-the-ship-of-the-week. With these characters pre-Kirk’s Enterprise.

“I think what people responded so much to in all three characters is this kind of relentless optimism that they have. And that they are at the young phase of their careers and Pike you know has experienced this extraordinary trauma, which is which he is famous for.”

How can Captain Pike be optimistic though, when he already knows his terrible fate? “The idea is, how does a character who knows how he is going to die live optimistically from that point on and lead a ship? It’s a great question. I have never seen a show where a character knew that already. You have to have an inherent optimism in your world view in order to say, ‘I am going to get up every morning knowing how it is going to end for me.’ And still lead everybody to be the best versions of themselves.”

Source: Deadline

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