Garak-Bashir Romance Tonight At Sid City Social Club

Fans who ‘ship the Garak-Bashir romance need to tune in tonight to the Sid City Social Club.

Andrew Robinson and Alexander Siddig will perform a short fan-written play called Little Achievements. Little Achievements is “a fun little fluff fic come to life, written by a queer and neurodivergent fan with other queer and neurodivergent fans in mind. It’s set twenty years after the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and takes a look at where Garak and Bashir are now.”

The Sid City Social Club Zoom meeting where this reading will take place will happen tonight at 9 PM EDT, with a repeat performance on Friday, August 14 at 3 PM EDT. Little Achievements will be about fifteen minutes in length.

Head over to Sid City about five to ten minutes before the reading is due to happen. A link will appear when it is time to enter the room.

Source: Daily Star Trek Newsvia Almaasi Tumbler account

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